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Late Bloomers of Spring
Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
The Nossiter Net is cast  to snare some of  the riper rascalities of the day.  Comments?
The May 28th New York Times reports that John Kerry is fighting back against the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group that has waged a relentless campaign to besmirch Kerry’s war record.  Yes, that's May 28th of this year.  Kerry received three Purple Hearts for wounds suffered in action in Vietnam, along with both the Bronze and Silver Stars for gallantry.

The Swift Boaters, lavishly financed by big Republican donors, advised by Republican lawyers, and relentlessly publicized by the Republican media machine, cast doubt on Kerry’s heroism with a barrage of lies.  Their claims are contradicted by the Navy’s own records, and are so demonstrably false that the Wall Street Journal op-ed page, the playground of Neanderthal Republicans, was moved to run a denunciation of them.

It's only right for Kerry, a proven war hero, to expose the liars attacking his courage, honesty, and good name.  Especially because the liars’ preferred candidate, George W. Bush, came no closer to combat in Vietnam than Texas, where he skulked in the Champagne Squadron of the National Guard, so-called because its ranks were filled with the combat averse, hard-partying sons of the wealthy and well-connected.  Of course, a reasonable voter might be forgiven for asking why Kerry has waited this long, over two years after the election he sort of lost, to counter his attackers’ lies.  This is especially true because the Swift Boaters played a not inconsiderable role in his loss.

Al Gore is making the rounds promoting his new movie about global warming,
An Inconvenient Truth. In an appearance on NPR’s Fresh Air yesterday, Gore was thoughtful, forceful, articulate, and convincing.  Asked if he could have foreseen the altered world since his electoral win was denied in 2000, Gore’s reply was sincere, and devastating.  He finds it inconceivable that Americans are torturing helpless captives, and continue to do so even though the torture has been exposed.  He is shocked that the Bush administration spies on millions of American citizens, and continues to do so even after the spying has been exposed.  He is astounded that the U.S. government parrots the energy industry line on global warming, even though all the evidence has exposed it as a self-serving lie.

Gore says he is happy being a productive citizen, starting businesses, teaching, and warning of the dangers of global warming.  His vigor, sincerity, intelligence, and honesty are apparent for all to see.  A reasonable voter might be forgiven for wondering why he kept those admirable traits so well hidden in 2000.  This is especially true because a candidate displaying such qualities would have defeated George W. Bush not by a whisker, as Gore did, but in a landslide.

Perhaps Kerry and Gore are just late bloomers.  Were they to run again, perhaps they would be different candidates, truer reflections of their own good and worthy selves.  We just don’t know. And if the Democratic party has anyone with a brain still associated with it, we never will.

©Joshua C. Nossiter, 2006
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