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Sunday, March 27th, 2005
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News item:  Pope makes Easter appearance, is unable to speak.*

On this Easter Sunday, the observance of Jesus’ crucifixion at the hands of the Romans, it behooves us to reflect on the true meaning of religious experience in the modern world.  And who better to guide us than two of today’s most potent religious figures, Pope John Paul II, the embodiment of the church for the world’s Catholic billion, and Terry Schiavo, whose fifteen year ordeal of catastrophic incapacity is soon to end in what some of our fellow citizens see as martyrdom at the hands of a heartless legal system.  Each, in his and her own way, represents the pain, the power, and the glory of modern religiosity.  Their views on pressing issues in these perplexing times cannot fail to inspire. 

TNN:  Your Holiness, let us begin with you.  As the head of an institution in which over a billion people put both their faith and their donations, do you have words of comfort for them today as they grapple with the troubling fact that the church has of late spent hundreds of millions of dollars not on good works, but on settling child molestation cases? 
TNN:  And how would you explain the church’s continued refusal to permit the ordination of women and the marriage of priests, in the face of seemingly rampant pedophilia in the priesthood?
TNN:  The church has lately condemned the international best-seller,
The Da Vinci Code, for propagating lies and heresies.  Why has there been no similar condemnation of the Left Behind series of religious thrillers, whose sales have been many times those of The Da Vinci Code, and which preach virulent bigotry and celebrate cataclysmic bloodshed in the name of religion?
TNN:  Turning to you, Ms. Schiavo, do you find it at all hypocritical that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has so fervently taken up the cause of keeping you alive at all costs, when, as the
LA Times reports today**, he pulled the plug on his own comatose father in 1988?
TNN:  President Bush dropped everything to rush back to Washington from vacation in Texas to sign the bill intended to extend your sojourn among us.  By contrast, days elapsed before he had anything to say about the ten children and adults who died in last week’s school shooting in Minnesota.  Indeed, even the increasingly urgent tone of the intelligence bulletins delivered to him in the days before 9/11/01 failed to get him to cut short his vacation, as he did for you.  Do the President’s attentions to your case seem appropriate?
TNN:  Your case has inspired a movement in Congress, led by Rep. Steve King (R-IA),
to dismantle the judicial system as we know it, changing the laws to allow Congress to cut off funding for judicial circuits it disapproves of, or denying legal jurisdiction over selected issues Congress feels strongly about.***  Does your tragedy justify altering the balance of power between the legislative and judicial branches that has prevailed for over two hundred years?
TNN:  Thank you both for your inspirational words on this holy day.




©Joshua C. Nossiter, 2005
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