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The Morning Mendacity
Monday, September 27th, 2004
The Nossiter Net is cast  to snare some of  the riper rascalities of the day.  Comments?
When Mr. Kerry calls Mr. Bush a liar, the Senator is only partly correct.  There’s no doubt that when the President says freedom is prevailing in Iraq, or the economy is performing in the U.S., or the environment, school children, and national security have benefited from his administration, he’s lying.  But Presidential races are as much about the worth and character of the candidates as they are about foreign and domestic policy.  Lost in the murk created by President Bush’s many policy lies is a salient but overlooked fact;  as much as the President is a relentless liar, he is himself a perfect lie.

From the fancy hand-tooled cowboy boots to the shallow smirk masking the thin-lipped, mean-spirited, down-turned mouth, the President is a complete phony from head to toe.  The only genuine thing about the man is his very real appetite for gutter politics.  In every other regard, the President has all the authenticity of a wooden nickel – and a plugged one at that.

This average Joe is the scion of two of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the nation, the grandson of a senator and of a Wall Street tycoon, the son of a father whose influence at the nexus of the highest strata of business and politics got him the job of 41st President.  The regular guy who stumbles over his words and chokes on potato chips watching football on TV was educated at Andover, Yale, and Harvard.

The honest, straight-talking business man failed at one seedy venture after another until parlaying the proceeds of insider trading and his family name and connections into a substantial fortune built on the backs of Texas taxpayers and defrauded Texas landowners.  The good family man was by repute a deeply unpleasant drunk. The good Christian got his start in politics by playing on the homophobia of Texas voters, smearing his opponent, Governor Ann Richards, as a gay sympathizer (if not a lesbian herself) intent on subverting the bible. The twangy Texan was born in New Haven, Connecticut.

The swaggering warrior escaped the Vietnam war by hiding out in the Texas National Guard, where he declined the option to be sent overseas.  With his own country under attack on 9/11/2001, the fearless fighter pilot fled in Air Force One from one secure military base to another until the danger had passed.  The popular President lost the 2000 election by five hundred thousand votes and was appointed to his office in a putsch led by family and cronies in Florida and on the Supreme Court.  The decisive, resolute Commander-in-Chief has landed his country in not one but two distant unresolvable quagmires, whose cost in citizens’ lives and taxpayer money is the stuff of blackest nightmares.

If presidential elections are about the characters of the men running for the nation’s highest office, Mr. Bush’s personal history of failure, cowardice, duplicity, and greed should tell the electorate everything it needs to know about the incumbent’s true nature.  Furthermore, Mr. Bush’s history is a matter of public record.  So why aren’t we all talking about it?

©J.C. Nossiter 2004
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