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Devil's Dictionary Redux
Friday, January 13th, 2006
The Nossiter Net is cast  to snare some of  the riper rascalities of the day.  Comments?
A Voter’s Guide to the Republican Lexicon

Answer:  1.  Any windy verbiage unrelated to the question;  2.  An attack on the motives, honesty, or patriotism of the questioner.
Benefits:  1. (government transfer payments to the poor) A heedless waste of tax money; 2.  (government transfer payments to the rich) Sound economic policy (see fiscal responsibility.)
Constitution:  1.  18C U.S. document frequently invoked by name whose actual contents are discounted, distorted, or ignored;  2. 18C U.S. document used to justify 21C Republican polices whenever plausible (rare).
Dignified:  Any proceeding in which Republicans get their way unopposed.
Expensive:  School lunch programs, universal medical insurance, public education, subsidized housing (see Benefits 1.)
Frugality:  Billion dollar stealth destroyers, tax cuts for the rich, corporate welfare, manned mission to Mars.
Gerrymander:  Depriving any electoral district of a Republican majority.  After Elbridge Gerry, Republican Governor of Massachusetts in 1812, who arranged matters rather differently.
Hindmost:  Taken by the devil; see Democrat
Irresponsible:  1.  Criticism of Republican policies;  2.  Exposure of Republican law-breaking, espec. relating to domestic spying, defense contracts, energy policy.
Joke:  That which is on the voters during a Republican administration.
Kleptocracy:  1.  System of government in which officials help others by helping themselves first; 2.  A Republican administration.
Loser:  1.  Voters for the Democratic party during an election;  2.  All voters during a Republican administration.
Morality:  Any system of beliefs or code of behavior that includes regular attendance at church and Republican fund raisers.
Numbness:   1.  Loss of sensation due to excessive exposure to Republican speechmaking;  2.  The mental condition of an electorate after a term of Republican rule.
Ovulate:  Bodily function of which anti-choice Republicans are incapable.  Syn:  Erection
Pentagon:  1.  Distribution center for Republican largesse;  2.  Training facility for defense industry executives;  3.  Five-sided figure associated with satanic rites (see Pentagram).
Quid pro quo:  Foundation of the Republican system of governance (see Kleptocracy).
Republican:  1.  A wealthy white male intent on feathering his nest;  2.  Delusional non-wealthy-white-males with marked self-destructive tendencies.
Savings:  Cuts in spending on public services.
Taxes:  Transfer payments from the middle class to the wealthy.
Unbelievable:  The two-term presidency of George W. Bush.
Veracity:  Truth-telling (archaic).
W.:  1.  A smirking, ignorant, incompetent, mendacious, malevolent buffoon;  2.  The President of the United States.
Xiphoid:  (anatomy)  The bony lower end of the human sternum, in the ordinary citizen the principal target for the toe of the Republican boot.
Yale:  A historic institution of higher learning which has graduated two successive Presidents Bush completely innocent of all thought, knowledge, or learning either lower or higher.
Zip:  In round terms the return, both material and spiritual, which ordinary voters get from any period of Republican rule.

©Joshua C. Nossiter, 2006
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